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Have an enterprise level payroll department and a HRMS with Employee Self-Service at a per employee cost

​Praxima Services Includes

  • Full Payroll Outsourcing

  • Hybrid Payroll Outsource

  • International Payment Management

  • Local Filing

  • Social Security Filing

  • Interact with Local Authorities

  • Human Resources Management System

  • Integration with all Accounting and Third Party


Benefits of outsourcing to Praxima


Local Tax Compliance


Secure Data Transferring


Responsive Administrators


Increase Productivity


Industry Experts

Running Your Payroll


Focus on Your

Core Business

South African Payroll processed to International Standards

Payroll in South Africa

South Africa makes use of the PAYE system at which income taxes are withheld at source.  Residents are taxed on their worldwide income while non-residents are only taxed on their South-African source income.  

TAX RATES  |  2022


Taxable income in South African Rand (ZAR)

ZAR                                           TAX RATE

0 – 226,000                             18%  

226,001 – 353,100                 26% 

353,100 – 488 700                 31%

488 701 – 641,400                 36% 

641,401 – 817,600                 39% 

817,600 – 1,731,600              41% 

1,731,601 and above             45% 


TAX REBATES  |  2022

 Tax Rebates                                               ZAR

Primary rebate - All individuals               16,425 
Secondary rebate - (65 years +)              9,000
Third rebate - (75 years +)                        2,997


Income tax year in South Africa runs from 1 March - end of February for individuals.  Married couples are generally taxed separately, however can be taxed jointly on certain community property.  Each year the deadline for filing of tax returns for annual income is confirmed by an official notice.  Tax returns are generally submitted to the South African Revenue Authority electronically and payments are also done electronically.  Penalties are imposed on any non-compliance with respect to tax obligations such as understatement of tax owed and late or non-submissions of returns.


Both the employer and employee contributes 1% monthly towards South Africa's Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF).  Contributions are based on a maximum monthly gross remuneration, currently standing at  ZAR 14 872.  The employer is required to deduct the 1% contribution made by the employee from his / her salary every month. 

Tax Residents

An individual will be considered a tax resident if he/she ordinarily resides in the country, is physically present in the country for over 91 days during the current year and the preceding five tax years, and he/she is physically present in the country for more than 915 days in total over the next five years.  

Taxable Income


Taxable income comprises gross income plus taxable capital gains, less exempt income and allowable deductions.  Gross income includes any and all remuneration in cash or kind.  Taxpayers may be entitled to foreign tax credit in the event where foreign taxes were paid for income earned from a foreign source and is also taxable in South Africa. 


Exempt Income

Subject to certain conditions being met, income received from disability pensions,unemployment insurance fund income, compensation for occupational injuries and diseases, government grants, alimony, income of certain investment funds and more, will be exempted from income tax. 

Your HRMS is Standard 


Employee Self-service

Payslip and tax certificate retrieval. Updating of personal particulars. Leave request and balance enquiries



Employee documents folder. Training records. Heath & Safety records. Disiplinary records. Qualifications, resume and hiring records.


Work Flow

Workflow with different approval levels. Full work flow functionality for leave requests, expense and time-sheets


  • Direct payment into employee bank accounts. Emailed password protected pay slips.

  • Payment of taxes, benefit providers and other creditors.

  • Filing of returns to the authorities.

  • Generation and filing of statutory reports.

  • General ledger and 100's of customisable reports.

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