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Rwandan Payroll processed to International Standards

Payroll in Rwanda

A resident in Rwanda will be taxed on their worldwide income, while a non-resident will only be taxed on their Rwanda-source income.  Should a resident derive any income from a foreign-source, he/she will be subject to personal income tax.  

TAX RATES  |  2018 / 2019


Taxable income in Rwandan Frank (RWF) 

 0 – 360 000                                         0%     

360 001 – 1 200 000                          20% 

Above 1 200 000                                 30% 

SOCIAL SECURITY  |  2018 / 2019

Al salaried workers, nationals and foreigners who are working in Rwanda are required to contribute to the Rwanda Social Security Fund, also know as Caisse Social du Rwanda (CSR).  An employer is required to contribute 5% and the employee 3%, calculated on the employee's gross salary.  The employer deducts the social security contributions every month and remits the total contribution on a quarterly basis.

STATUTORY FILING  |  2018 / 2019

A tax year in Rwanda is a calendar year, running from January to December.  Tax returns for individuals are due by 31 March after the tax year has ended.  Individuals are not required to file a return of all of their income was subject to tax under the PAYE system or has been withheld at source.  Individuals who earns their employment income from two or more employers, or those who receives incidental employment income, may file an annual declaration to claim a tax refund.  Only amounts higher than RWF 5000 are refunded.

Taxable Income


Employment income and most employment benefits are taxable.  Capital gains are tax on the Personal Income Rates, as per above table.  


Capital gains derived from a sale or a cession of commercial immovable properties will be taxed separately on a rate of 30%.  


Exempt Income

The following employment income will be exempt from tax:  

  1. Employment income received by a non-citizen that is from a foreign government or a non-government organisation under which an agreement was signed by the Rwandan government and the income goes to the performance of aid services in Rwanda;

  2. Employment income received by a non-resident from a foreign employer for performing services in Rwanda, unless the services rendered to a permanent establishment situated in Rwanda of the employer. 

Your HRMS is Standard 


Employee Self-service

Payslip and tax certificate retrieval. Updating of personal particulars. Leave request and balance enquiries



Employee documents folder. Training records. Heath & Safety records. Disiplinary records. Qualifications, resume and hiring records.


Work Flow

Workflow with different approval levels. Full work flow functionality for leave requests, expense and time-sheets

Tax Residents

An individual will be considered a tax resident if he/she:

  1. is domiciled or has a permanent resident in Rwanda

  2. stays in the country for a longer period of 183 days in a 12 month period

  3. is a Rwandan representing Rwanda abroad. 


  • Direct payment into employee bank accounts. Emailed password protected pay slips.

  • Payment of taxes, benefit providers and other creditors.

  • Filing of returns to the authorities.

  • Generation and filing of statutory reports.

  • General ledger and 100's of customisable reports.

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