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Payroll in Namibia

Namibia makes use of the PAYE system, with which the employer deducts the employee’s tax before salaries are paid over to the employee.  Individuals are taxed on any benefit arising from an employment, business income and investment income.  Namibia’s currently does not have a separate capital gains tax system, however certain incomes from capital transactions are included in the gross income and becomes subject to income tax.  

TAX RATES  |  2019 / 2020


Taxable income in Namibian Dollar (NAD)

0 - 50 000                                               Not taxable;

50 001 - 100 000                                  18% of the amount over  50 000

100 001 - 300 000                                9 000 + 25% of the amount over  100 000  

300 001 - 500 000                                59 000 + 28% of the amount over  300 000

500 001 - 800 000                                115 000 + 30% of the amount over  500 000 

800 001 - 1 500 000                             205 500 + 32%of the amount over 800 000 

Over 1 500 000                                      429 000 + 37%of the amount over 1 500 000

SOCIAL SECURITY  |  2019 / 2020

An employer and employee must contribute 0.9% of the employee’s basic salary equally a towards the Social Security Fund with a minimum contribution of N$2.70 and a maximum of N$81.00.  A vocational education and training levy at 1% of the annual payroll of each employer that is NAD 1 million or higher is payable by employers.  

STATUTORY FILING  |  2019 / 2020

Employees are to file a return by 30 June.  Spouses are taxed separately.  A penalty of 20% interest per annum is imposed on late payments.  However, the interest amount will not exceed the original tax amount.  Other penalties may also be imposed for late submissions.

Taxable Income


Individuals are taxed on any benefit arising from employment, as well as on an investment and business income.  There are currently no separate capital gains tax system in Namibia, however income received from certain capital transactions will be included in the gross income and therefore subject to income tax. 

Tax Residents

The Namibian Income Tax Act does not define a "resident". However, both resident and non-resident individuals will be taxed on any income received from a Namibian, or a deemed Namibian source. 

Your HRMS is Standard 


Employee Self-service

Payslip and tax certificate retrieval. Updating of personal particulars. Leave request and balance enquiries



Employee documents folder. Training records. Heath & Safety records. Disiplinary records. Qualifications, resume and hiring records.


Work Flow

Workflow with different approval levels. Full work flow functionality for leave requests, expense and time-sheets


  • Direct payment into employee bank accounts. Emailed password protected pay slips.

  • Payment of taxes, benefit providers and other creditors.

  • Filing of returns to the authorities.

  • Generation and filing of statutory reports.

  • General ledger and 100's of customisable reports.

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